Another investment completed with the Rated-3 certificate according to ANSI / TIA-942

Once again, our team successfully completed the implementation of the Data Centre facility, for which it also obtained the Rated-3 certificate in accordance with ANSI / TIA-942. We worked as a Commissioning Manager. We have conducted full five levels of testing and verification of installations. In addition, we actively participated in the implementation of design works, and then during the supervision of executive works. In the final stage, we obtained independent certification, which was carried out by the international company EPI. This is the third certification in Poland obtained by our team. Earlier, we obtained the first certificates in the country: Uptime Institute regarding the TIER III level for Eurocentrum in Katowice and the ANSI-TIA-942 compliance certificate – Rated-4 level for Beyond in Poznań. We are currently working on subsequent approvals of Data Centre facilities. We will give details of this work later this year.

Reports from the press conference can be viewed by clicking at:,ParkNaukowoTechnologicznywOpolumanajbezpieczniejszaserwerowniewPolsce,wiadomosc.html               

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