Re-certification of "Beyond" for Rated-4 level

Our company and our partner, a company named EPI, have re-certified "Beyond" for Rated-4 level in accordance with the ANSI / TIA-942 quality standard.  

This is the highest degree of certification at Rated-4 level, which certifies the guarantee that the failure of any element will not affect the availability of the services rendered. It covers for the entire infrastructure, i.e. architectural, mechanical, electrical and telecommunication components.

ANSI/TIA-942 is an authorization standard for data centres recognized by worldwide leaders in data centre construction and design. The purpose of the ANSI / TIA-942 standard is to provide requirements and guidelines for the design and the installation of critical infrastructure. It is intended for use by designers who need a full understanding of Data Centre design, including the design of the facility, cabling system and its security.

Beyond obtained the certificate 3 years ago. It was and it remains until today the first facility at this level in Poland and one of the first in Europe.

Congratulations Beyond!

We are ready to raise the levels of other Data Centres.

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