Implementation of iAuditor software

We are pleased to inform you that we have implemented iAuditor software for ATMAN. In our work, we have been using iAuditor for over 2 years. iAuditor is software made in Australia that is experiencing successful growth on the European market. The platform has been made to conduct inspections for tech teams, report problems and conduct regular inspections in a facility. The solution is used by thousands of tech teams in over 85 countries. Presently, over 50,000 inspections are being conducted daily on the platform.

It is another project where we are expanding our previous cooperation with our clients. Our expertise is based on more than just the knowledge and infrastructure construction methods; we also successfully advise on the operational management of Data Center facilities.

Implementation of the software was another element of the implementation of operational procedures based on the international DCOS-EPI standard. Presently, Atman has two Level-4 certificates for WAW-1 and WAW-2.

Link to the manufacturer's website


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