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Commissioning Agent Services

Our range of services includes commissioning. Thanks to this service, we can verify if a facility and all its systems and sub-systems have been correctly planned, designed, installed, tested, launched and maintained and if they are able to meet operational needs and an investor’s expectations.


Commissioning offers the following advantages:

  • the minimisation of downtime in a facility and the reduced number of onsite maintenance visits,
  • the reduction of lifecycle costs, and information on the current system efficiency,
  • complete documentation allowing for the introduction of improvements aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the entire infrastructure,
  • the reduction of undesirable changes and delays in a facility through the early identification of errors and their resolution,
  • the verification of a complete system, including the integration and correct interoperability of all its elements,
  • complete documentation representing a robust knowledge base for an investor’s or operator’s staff useful in the effective facility management,
  • extensive documentation of system changes and trends in various configurations,
  • the increased security of a facility and the decreased responsibility of an investor due to detecting any facility security issues not in line with applicable requirements,
  • increased return on investment thanks to numerous benefits connected with the analysis of key problems detected and fixed during the tests and of operating costs (costs/benefits).
During our tests, we verify: Rozwiń

In cutting-edge data centers, any downtime is inadmissible; therefore, commissioning is an absolutely necessary procedure. BCA Engineering Group consultants will analyse all incidents and downtime to make sure that your valuable data are properly serviced and protected.

Admittedly, this service will not help predict all possible scenarios in data center operations; nonetheless, it guarantees that inspected systems will work in compliance with design documentation in the most probable situations.


Thanks to it we can check if the object and its components have been properly planned.

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