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Greetings from BCA Engineering Group!
21-12-2023, 14:33

Ahead of us is the time of Christmas and New Year. May it be filled with peace and bring relaxation in a joyful atmosphere. Thanking you for the fruitful collaboration so far, we wish you strength and energy to pursue new ideas, along with many successes and satisfaction from the challenges...

BCA Engineering Group - Dynamic Growth and New Projects
06-11-2023, 12:05

BCA Engineering Group is pleased to announce that the recent weeks and months have been incredibly intense in terms of acquiring new projects. Currently, we are involved in the implementation of a Data Center project with an impressive IT capacity exceeding 100 MW, both in Poland and beyond the...

Next stage of implementing a 20MW IT power data center
03-10-2023, 09:33

Modern data processing centers play a crucial role in the global technological landscape, and one entity demonstrating exceptional competence and professionalism in this field is BCA Engineering Group. The company has gained recognition and respect for its outstanding work on large-scale Data...

Completed expansion of the facility with an additional 10MW IT capacity.
29-09-2023, 17:46

One of the key elements of this project was the performance of load tests exceeding 3MW, in collaboration with local and international partners. These intensive tests were necessary to ensure that the new IT infrastructure is ready to handle the growing demands of the client. The test results...

HV Tests in Zurich- Switzerland
12-09-2023, 14:04

BCA Engineering Group is pleased to announce the completion of the Factory Witness Test (FWT) for HV switchgear at its factory in Switzerland, a crucial step in the commissioning project for an HV/MV station with a capacity of over 100 MW. The HV tests took place in Switzerland, and the company...

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