BCA Engineering Group - Dynamic Growth and New Projects

BCA Engineering Group is pleased to announce that the recent weeks and months have been incredibly intense in terms of acquiring new projects. Currently, we are involved in the implementation of a Data Center project with an impressive IT capacity exceeding 100 MW, both in Poland and beyond the country's borders. However, this is just the beginning of our dynamic growth.

Our company is systematically expanding, encompassing a broader spectrum of activities and gaining recognition both in the domestic and international markets. Our logo and name are becoming increasingly recognizable beyond the borders of Poland.

In recent months, we have acquired new projects that present us with new challenges. We are also expanding our team of employees, who, with passion and dedication, contribute to the success of our endeavors.

We take pride in the achievements we have attained so far, and we are confident that our company will continue its expansion. Stay tuned with us as we will regularly update you on our upcoming projects and accomplishments.

All of this makes BCA Engineering Group not only a leader in the power solutions market but also a reliable partner for companies seeking advanced, flexible, and dependable solutions.


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