Completed expansion of the facility with an additional 10MW IT capacity.

One of the key elements of this project was the performance of load tests exceeding 3MW, in collaboration with local and international partners. These intensive tests were necessary to ensure that the new IT infrastructure is ready to handle the growing demands of the client. The test results were unequivocally positive, marking a significant achievement and confirming the high quality of services provided by BCA Engineering Group.

One aspect that makes this project exceptional is the fact that the expansion took place while the Data Center facility, serving international companies, was fully operational. This required not only excellent coordination and planning but also flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of the client in real-time. BCA Engineering Group demonstrated not only excellent technical preparedness but also the ability to provide services at the highest level of customer support in the dynamic Data Center environment.

It is worth noting that BCA Engineering Group conducted testing up to Level 3, ensuring the highest quality of services for the client and verifying that the new IT infrastructure meets all standards and expectations. Additionally, the company continued to provide support through functional testing at Level 4 and Level 5, ensuring the continuity and reliability of the new emergency power system.

This project serves as an excellent example of advanced engineering solutions and IT services provided by BCA Engineering Group. The company is prepared for the challenges associated with the growing demand for IT power and is always ready to meet the expectations of its clients, both domestically and internationally.

BCA Engineering Group, through its actions, reaffirms its position as a leader commissioning service  in the field of IT infrastructure and emergency power supply.


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