HV Tests in Zurich- Switzerland

BCA Engineering Group is pleased to announce the completion of the Factory Witness Test (FWT) for HV switchgear at its factory in Switzerland, a crucial step in the commissioning project for an HV/MV station with a capacity of over 100 MW.

The HV tests took place in Switzerland, and the company collaborated with a renowned organization to ensure the reliability and safety of the 110kV/20kV HV/MV station. With the gained experience and collaboration with the best, BCA Engineering Group has solidified its position as a leader commissioning HV/MV technology.

The commissioning project for the 110kV/20kV HV/MV station with a capacity of over 100 MW is currently underway, with the scheduled completion date set for the coming year. 

BCA Engineering Group continues to expand its capabilities and refine its products to meet the ever-growing needs of its clients.

We appreciate your support and trust.


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