FWT tests of Power Module solutions

Innovations in the field of power supply are not only the key to efficiency but also to the continuous operation of many businesses worldwide. In this context, BCA Engineering Group plays a crucial role by actively participating in factory tests of Power Module solutions. This is not just another milestone on the path to excellence but also evidence of our ability to improve and deliver solutions that meet the most demanding industry standards.

The projects undertaken by the BCA Engineering Group encompass a wide range of activities in the field of power supply, as evidenced by the factory tests of Power Module with a combined guaranteed power of 2 MW. The tests were conducted at one of the renowned factories in the United Kingdom, owned by Anord Mardix. This is just one example of BCA's commitment to providing power-related solutions on a global scale.

BCA Engineering Group proudly recalls its participation in tests with other well-known players in the power supply market, such as Schneider Electric, E&I (a member of the Vertiv group), and Anord Mardix. Their trust reflects our competence in meeting the requirements of the most demanding clients. 

The next step towards excellence will be collaboration with Vertiv in Croatia and a Polish manufacturer of similar solutions. 

It is worth emphasizing that BCA Engineering Group continually expands its portfolio to deliver diverse and advanced solutions. For clients, this means access to cutting-edge technologies and services that optimize their operations. 

The company's upcoming projects promise even more innovations and improvements, making it worthwhile to follow the development of our dynamically growing company.


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