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Dynamic Growth and New Projects
06-11-2023, 12:05

We are delighted to announce that the recent weeks and months have been a period of intense acquisition of new projects for us. Currently, we are engaged in the implementation of a Data Center project with an impressive IT power capacity exceeding 100MW, both in Poland and abroad. However, this...

Next stage of implementing a 20MW IT power data center
03-10-2023, 09:33

We are pleased to announce that our company has successfully completed the first phase of commissioning services for an international conglomerate, and we are now focusing on the next stage of developing a data center with an impressive power capacity of 20MW in Warsaw. As part of this project,...

Completed expansion of the facility with an additional 10MW IT capacity.
29-09-2023, 17:46

In recent days, we have successfully completed the expansion tests of the emergency power system to a capacity of 10MW for our international client. In collaboration with partners from both Poland and abroad, we conducted load tests exceeding 3MW. The test results were positive, indicating that...

HV Tests in Zurich- Switzerland
12-09-2023, 14:04

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a new project in which we will oversee the commissioning of an HV/MV station with an impressive power capacity exceeding 100MW. Recently, we had the exceptional opportunity to participate in the Factory Witness Test (FWT) of HV switchgear, which...

FWT tests of Power Module solutions
28-07-2023, 16:30

As part of the next project, we had the pleasure of participating in the factory tests of Power Modules, where each module guarantees power supply at the level of 2 MW. These tests were conducted at the Anord Mardix factory in the United Kingdom. This project is another challenge in which we...

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