Another Successful Certification ANSI/TIA-942 Rated 3 for the NASK SA Data Center

Once again, as a pioneer on the Polish market, we are changing Poland's Data Center map. Our team has contributed to another certification of the NASK Data Center. NASK SA 's Praga Pn. Data Center has become the first data center in Warsaw to obtain the Rated-3 certificate, completing the certification of our facility for compliance with ANSI/TIA-942-B:2017 requirements.

The Center has been built thanks to the professional expertise and experience of the employees and associates of NASK SA 's Investment Department, which has served as the main contractor. Since the beginning of the project, our team worked as technical support for the project. Once again, we have confirmed that ANSI / TIA-942 is fundamental to every reliable and efficient data center.

Presently, after just 8 years of our work in Poland, we already have 13 certifications here. Our current team has participated in nine of them. Our 100% success rate in obtaining certifications confirms our competences in this regard. More new challenges and many innovative projects are awaiting us. The goal is always the same – to increase the value of Poland and the Polish engineer on the international market.

If you have a project and wish for it to meet the best standards, feel free to contact us.

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