Certification of objects in the Data Centre

Next year, we will implement project and facility certification in two Data Centre facilities in Warsaw.

Project analyses and facility audits are services in which we are market leaders.

Together with our partner EPI, well-known on the global market, we conduct comprehensive audits of Data Centre facilities. As part of the services, we identify and eliminate design errors and validate design assumptions against known and recognized international standards.

The scope of work performed at the Data Centre will not only include technical consultations, but also a replacement in the work on the certification process in terms of meeting the conditions described by the ANSI / TIA-942 standard for Rated-3 level.

ANSI / TIA-942 is a quality standard for data centres that sets requirements not only for individual tenants, but also for centres with multiple tenants.

The topology presented in the standard is applicable in data centres of any size and covers all physical infrastructure, including architectural, electrical, mechanical infrastructure as well as location, fire safety, telecommunications and other requirements.

This is the fifth and sixth Data Centre facility intended for certification through our company. Earlier facilities include Eurocentrum Katowice (Uptime Institute TIER III), Beyond Poznań (ANSI / TIA 942 - Rated-4), PNT Opole (ANSI / TIA 942 - Rated-3) and Atman Warsaw (DCOS).

We hope for effective cooperation with partners. The planned completion of certification is estimated for 2020 and 2021.

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