New contract of the Project Engineer

We have extended our cooperation with the current client by carrying out the work of the project engineer for the newly designed investment. The scope of our duties is to provide project engineer support along with construction site inspectors support in the field of modernisation of the Data Centre. The aim of the project is to equip it with new IT rooms allowing for the handling of additional 1300kW in the IT load. The scope of works includes complete, further equipping the facility with MV installations, supply of electric power generating units, as well as conversion of new areas by fitting them with all electrical and mechanical systems.

We are very pleased that the client once again chose our team and our services to handle this new investment. This contract confirms that the provision of Project Engineer services, which was initiated in 2018, is an integral part of the direction of our company's development. Customers appreciate our experience in the field of project management services, as well as substantive knowledge in the field of building the Data Centre infrastructure. We are planning to conclude further agreements in this area in the near future. The development of this segment of our offer is a natural direction and the demand is constantly increasing.

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