TIA introduces the ANSI / TIA-942 accreditation system for data centre certification

Major changes in the scope of issuing accreditation for facilities in accordance with the TIA-942 standard.

The introduced certification system will establish compliance assessment bodies (CABs) deemed to be competent to verify data centre compliance with the standard. Recognizing the benefits of implementing a robust quality management system for auditing and certification in addition to technical requirements, TIA chose Certac to ensure verification of compliance with standards by an independent CAB and the accreditation of participating CABs.

The accreditation process established for this program is based on a uniform approach adopted and implemented around the world to determine the organization's competences. Including accreditation in certification under the TIA program ensures confidence, impartiality and competence of the CAB. It also provides the data centre operator with certainty that registered CABs are authorized by TIA to carry out such audits.

We are pleased to confirm that our partner EPI is a certified TIA Partner and guarantees the highest quality of work. A list of all registered CABs has been published on the site www.tia-942.org


More details at https://www.tiaonline.org/press-release/tia-launches-ansi-tia-942-accreditation-scheme-for-certification-of-data-centers-selects-certac-to-manage-program/

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