Contract engineer & project management

Contract engineer & project management

Data center projects at BCA Engineering Group are managed by a contract engineer. Thanks to this service, you will be able to save internal resources of your company; further, it will help guarantee that a project is implemented according to schedule and as budgeted.

Regardless of the fact whether you design a server room, plan to upgrade your infrastructure or construct a facility, you need to take a number of vital steps to successfully deliver your project. Companies which fail to outsource project management are exposed to the risk of expensive and time-consuming errors. In-house staff can easily become overwhelmed with assignments to perform, spanning from daily business operations to project plan management. And if there is an error in a project plan, a company will usually incur increased costs, while a project itself will not be delivered in a timely manner.


Why to choose BCA Engineering Group as your contract engineer?

As data center contract engineers, we protect investors, facility managers and operators against countless problems. Project managers guarantee a structured and standardised approach to the entire process. Using valuable insights gathered from long-lasting experiences and from projects in progress, they are able to mitigate risks related to the majority of projects and facilitate foreseeable outcome, thereby decreasing project costs, reducing project lead time and ensuring quality control.

Services offered by BCA Engineering Group guarantee professional support at every project implementation stage. Being familiar with the next phases, we know what questions to ask to always develop scalable solutions for your facility.

How does the BCA Engineering Group contract engineer service work?

Our team of advisors works together with end users to first define the scope of a project, both from a technical point of view and taking into account all necessary resources. Subsequently, we formulate a coordinating concept that will ensure the efficient and orderly management of the entire project. Thanks to the early planning of works, it is later easier to control the first project version. We ensure that all the necessary equipment and services will be delivered and performed in such a way so as to meet your project’s timetable.

Once the project’s scope has been specified, project managers coordinate the entire communication and work between contractors, hardware and software providers, and end users. A project manager clearly specifies particular roles and obligations of each member of the entire team, according to schedule. This prevents any redundant moves and work duplication throughout the whole term of project implementation. Rather than worrying about meetings, orders and project execution, an investor can focus on its business.

Benefits from the data center contract engineer service rendered by BCA Engineering Group involve: Rozwiń

Using this service will save you internal company resources.

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