Operational procedures

Operational procedures

One of the services we provide is preparation, assistance in implementing and auditing Data Center operational procedures. Thanks to our services we can check whether the implemented procedures, maintenance teams and all systems and components are properly maintained and are able to meet the investor's operational needs and expectations.

Proper facilities management procedures, providing qualified and trained technical support staff for the operation of critical systems are essential. Inappropriate implementation of operational processes can therefore cause that even an object that has been constructed according to the highest level of security will function as the object with the lowest security.

The scope of operational activities can be divided into several separate elements: Rozwiń

During our daily work we rely on the globally recognized EPIDCOS® system. The standard covers 11 disciplines aimed at efficient functioning of the center. Each discipline is carried out in detail, ensuring measurable economic results. It is currently the widest and most complete Data Center work standard on the international market

Proper procedures for managing facilities, providing qualified employees.

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