Technical consulting

Technical consulting

At BCA Engineering Group, we understand technical and commercial risks related with data center projects. Our unique, integrated approach combines a strategy and business case development with key IT disciplines, critical systems engineering, physical security and operational excellence. With such expertise and long-term experience in this complex area, we act as trusted advisors, providing our Clients with innovative ways of thinking and ensuring security of their data center environment.

Whether you need assistance with a migration, site selection or data center strategy, our holistic solutions cover the entire data center lifecycle. We provide you with comprehensive data center solutions, starting from a strategy up to the ongoing optimisation. Our experts are there to help you adopt an appropriate strategy, optimise costs and efficiency, manage risks and successfully complete any large-scale migration to data centers. Combined with our extensive independent assessments of a data center environment and expertise in the effective management of complex high-risk projects, we can ensure our Clients that their data center infrastructure will support their business and be efficient and secure.

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We provide you with comprehensive service for Data Center solutions.

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